Visit the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, NV 89166

Built during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam, turned the city of Las Vegas into an independent and sustainable place. A great feat of engineering, the Hoover Dam is a must-visit for anyone passing or visiting Nevada. With many options to explore, visitors can tour the dam and power plant through multiple touring packages. The power plant self-guided tour is only $15 and lest visitors explore the Nevada section of the powerplant, access to the visitor center, exhibits and observation deck. The guided tour is 30$ and available for purchase on-site. The guided tour allows visitors to access historic tunnels and ride the original elevator all the way to the top of the dam. Visitors can take amazing pictures from the crossing platform of the dam, the observation deck, and many surrounding areas. The Hoover Dam provides plenty of educational projects and school tours for all school grades. At the Visitor Center, students are welcomed to participate and learn how the dam was built and how it was engineered. A historic collection of artifacts and photographs is available, that provides a better insight into the creation of the dam. Just below the Hoover Dam, rafting is available and a great way to explore the dam from a different perspective.


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